Why Raw Hairs?

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We are Celebrity Style brand specializing in 100% real, raw hair. This means that our hair is ethically sourced in Cambodia from one young and healthy person donating 100g of hair bundles each. As our hair is raw, meaning cuticles are aligned, unaltered, and free from any chemical processing.

When shopping at Celebrity Style Hair, expect to receive your hairs which are imported from Cambodia. We make sure that each hair bundle has ZERO synthetic rubbish, ZERO animal material, and ZERO foul smell. We promise to give you hairs that have real and thick hair strands that will show you off with a real and natural look. Our hairs are cut from scrutinized young and healthy donors making sure hairs are healthy, smooth, and silky; which are our clients’ top priority among any other else and our company’s utmost pride. The hair cuticles are aligned and flows in one direction — hair textures are not manipulated in any way to create uniform patterns. Each bundle remains in its natural true state and is unprocessed. Expect to receive rare Cambodian hair volumes and let us know if it made you luxuriously satisfied.

Every Celebrity Style Hair bundle is made to last so long as you care for it. Our hair looks better with every wash, year after year. Also, we guarantee the longevity from 4-5 years on our raw Cambodian hair by preventing any tangling and matting. The styles you can achieve with your Head Over Bundles Extensions are endless because you are receiving pure natural hair, you are able to wear it straight, wavy, or curly. There are no limits.

We like to say ” Why Look like the REST when you can look like the BEST.” Our hairs are our utmost pride and we have a team to inspect and examine only the young and healthy donors to add up to our hair collection and for production. Also, our team is intensely passionate about hair. We pour this same passion to the hair that we ship to you.

Customer Service & Support

We believe our customers are our biggest assets. Without you, there is no us. In the event, you need to reach a live person, you are able to email us at celebritystyleshair@gmail.com.